Belmont, MA Dentist

Mission Statement:

Sunrise Pediatric Dentistry was born from the idea that we all hope for a brighter future, especially for our children. Whether patients have received optimal dental health or have experienced setbacks and difficulties in the past, our trusted experts provide guidance and care in the present, combined with a comprehensive future perspective. We strive to provide oral health care with integrity and compassion, and a dental home where your child will feel comfortable and cared for just like family. 

Our core values include:

Integrity and authenticity – Trust is critical to relationships, especially ones involving your children, and will not be compromised in anything we do

Efficiency – Your time is important, and we strive to provide the necessary care in the fewest number of visits possible

Comprehensive treatment – Treatment and care should be viewed with the health of the whole mouth and body in mind, and not piecemeal.

Hospitality and Friendliness – We strive to be an office where relationships are built on mutual care and respect, just as friendships are, and where we take great care of our little patients. We offer an internet bar, coffee, and beverages, and TV’s in operatories to make your visit as delightful as possible while caring for your children’s oral health needs

Education – in addition to completing specialty residency programs, annual continuing training and education are critical in order to provide care that is in line with the most up-to-date evidence-supported treatment modalities and technology.